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For two- and four-stroke engines, MWB Marine Services, as a manufacturer-independent service provider, offers customers a broad range of services. Our portfolio includes stationary and mobile maintenance and the realization of major projects, such as engine renewal, upgrading of propulsion systems to dual-fuel or LNG, as well as the retrofitting of emission control systems, exhaust gas scrubbers or ballast water treatment systems.

Performance for modern shipping.

In addition to stationary and mobile repairs to marine engines and propulsion systems, the service spectrum of MWB Marine Service GmbH also includes retrofitting, LNG conversions and the sale of engine spare parts.

Quality and reliability with high efficiency and cost-effectiveness are a matter of course for us. In addition, as engine specialists, we are particularly committed to environmental and marine protection. Therefore we act as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible – even beyond legal requirements.

Our "one-face-to-the-customer" principle ensures smooth communication between client and contractor as well as within the entire team.

Excerpt from our portfolio:


Ready for any challenge

Our 24-hour hotline for diesel engine service: 
+49 471 9450 444

Repair, maintenance and service include:

  • 2-stroke engines
  • 4-stroke engines
  • Transmissions
  • Speed controller
  • Turbocharger
  • Fuel injection systems


  • 8 V 396 TC 61, 8 V 396 TB 61, 8 V 331 TC 71
  • 16V 956 TB91 and 16 V 538 TB 92
  • 16 V 396 TB 84 and 16 V 396 TE 44
  • 20V 1163 TB 82, 20 V 956 TB 92
  • MB 655, MB 820 SA 1 and MB 820 S 1
  • MB 835, 836, 839
  • MD 871 um1-d
  • MD 872 und MD 872 D
  • All types 183


  • TB 12 all types, TBD 234, 601, 602, TBG 604
  • D226, D232
  • RHS and TRHS 518 all types
  • SBV 528 and 628

Perkins, Pielstick, Cummins

  • All types


  • 4-stroke: 20, 26, 32, 38, 46, 64
  • 2- stroke: RTA 48, 50, 52, 58, 62, 68, 72, 82, 84, 96 and RT flex series


  • All types, especially S20 and ZAL 40


  • 4-stroke: 16/24, 23/30, 27/38, 28/32, D2866, 32/40, 40/45, 40/54, 48/60, 51/60, 58/64
  • 2-stroke: L and S types from 26MC to 98MC and ME


  • All engines, especially M20, M25, M32, M43, M34DF, M46DF, M281, M331, M332, M451, M452, M453, M551, M552, M601


  • All types, especially JMS 312 GS – N.LC and VM 1500 GO 


  • Service partner for ABB, Napier, UBB


  • All engines, especially 3500, C18, C32, C175, CG132, CG170, CG260


MWB Marine Services is authorized by MTU to repair and overhaul all MTU gear boxes. We carry out repairs and overhauls on the following gear boxes:

  • KSS 60,KS 1320, KS 3030, KS 4018, KS 4120, KS 4070

In addition, MWB Marine Services repairs special gear boxes such as:

  • KS 3030 umgls
  • ZF BW 800 A 20

We repair all ZF gear boxes in close cooperation or on behalf of ZF Friedrichshafen in North Germany. We also sell the ZF modules BW 800 and BW 900 in combination with the worldwide distribution of gear boxes and spare parts.


24/07/365 Service

Your number for all emergency situations:
SERVICE-HOTLINE +49 471 9450 444

Particularly in the case of acute problems, a rapid intervention can ensure the operation in the short term and keep the costs low. We provide you with everything needed for workers and machines to solve your problem – around the clock, every day of the year.

RETROFIT – LNG / DUAL-FUEL / exhaust gas and ballast water purification systems

Fit for the future
We take on all tasks required for the retrofitting of engines and propulsion systems.

LNG conversion, Scrubber installation and exhaust gas and ballast water purification systems
In green-shipping concepts, the conversion to LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) plays an important role as an alternative fuel concept. Thanks to our unique experience with gas engines, we are able, together with our Excellence partners German Dry Docks and BREDO Dry Docks, to implement solutions which are absolutely convincing, both ecologically and economically.

This also applies to retrofitting with modern exhaust gas scrubbers. Our more than 60 years of experience in engine and service forms, together with the expertise of the Excellence Partner Network, the basis for future-oriented solutions.

An additional business segment is retrofitting with ballast water treatment systems, which can be carried out together with other services of MWB Marine Services or partners. 


MWB Marine Services is your reliable service partner for the new installation of diesel and gas engines as well as exhaust gas and ballast water purification systems. For this task, we are well prepared in every respect and will be glad to advise you – from conception to commissioning.

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