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Press release | 31.01.2018
Combined dock expertise

BREDO DRY DOCKS manages future repair activities of GDD Group

The German Dry Docks Group (GDD Group) is concentrating its forces and skills in a further step. Since the beginning of the year, all repair offers and locations of the group have been managed by BREDO Dockgesellschaft mbH in Bremerhaven. The new repair branch operates under the name BREDO DRY DOCKS and stands in the tradition of the brands GDD, BREDO and Mützelfeldtwerft (MFW) which have been familiar to customers for years. "The concentration of the docking and repair operations in the BREDO Dry Docks is a further step in expanding our performance and offering for our customers as well as permanently securing the jobs and locations of the Group," emphasize Försterling and Harms.

The brand name BREDO DRY DOCKS will in future represent the repair activities in the Kaiserhafen and the Fischereihafen in Bremerhaven as well as in the Amerikahafen in Cuxhaven. All docks of the three locations will be managed by the BREDO Dockgesellschaft. The repair specialists in Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven have been working in close co-operation for years.

With the merger, the GDD Group continues the clear alignment of the diverse expertise within the group. While the repair business will in future be directed from the fishing port, the GDD in the Kaiserhafen will focus on special and large-scale projects as well as public-sector contracts.

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