From the Weser into the whole world

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perfectly networked.

Our centre of expertise:
Kaiserhafen in Bremerhaven

Maritime centre for top services.

In Bremerhaven everything comes together.

From Bremerhaven, MWB Marine Services is active worldwide.

In Bremerhaven, our Excellence Partner Network has established a competence center for repair, retrofitting and conversion of ships and engines. This network comprises more than 100 partners.

This enables us to offer our customers a comprehensive service from a single source. The close cooperation gives us the opportunity to combine work during shipyard or dock stays and to use repair times efficiently.

Headquarters in the Kaiserhafen: Barkhausenstr. 60, 27568 Bremerhaven

Engine Technology

  • MWB Marine Services, Bremerhaven-Kaiserhafen

Governor and Energy Services

  • MWB Power, Bremerhaven-Kaiserhafen and Rotterdam-Waalhaven

Conversion. Repair. Retrofit. Maintenance.

  • German Dry Docks, Bremerhaven-Kaiserhafen
  • BREDO Dry Docks, Bremerhaven-Fischereihafen and Cuxhaven

Harbour and Voyage Repairs

  • German Ship Repair, Bremerhaven-Fischereihafen
  • Rotterdam Ship Repair, Rotterdam-Waalhaven

Our partner network: excellence in ship & engine

Optimally positioned

MWB Marine Services & Partner